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The world of comfort

At Chesters Collection, we bring you the best of world renowned European furniture designs and the most popular orthopedic swivel chairs that truly befits "the world of comfort". While quality, design & comfort is our priority, excellent services remains our core commitment with integrity. Functionality and durability of each item has been given many thoughts and consideration before we add them to our collection. We believe each piece of furniture you choose reflects your lifestyle and personality. And, with the right furniture, every inch of your space will be transformed into your world of comfort that belongs only to you."

Draenert Dining

About us

Chesters Collection is an ideal interior home and office furnishing destination showcasing some of the most fabulous designer brands in the world. Chesters believe that every piece of furniture you choose reflects your personality and lifestyle because everyone is unique and different in a very special way therefore you're worthy to deserve the best. From the beginning since Chesters first open its door in 2003 the vision of its founder, James Edison with his loyal partners and committed team members, dedicates to bring you not only great comfort and luxurious designs that breeds greatest contentment into your home and office but also great personal and friendly services as we are obsessively passionate with the way it makes you feel.

Our expertise

Import, Export and Retail premium brands of Home and Office furniture

Interior space planning and consultation for soft furnishing

Bespoke customization

Fabric and Leather Cleaning including fabric guard treatment


Logistic and shipping door to door

Technical assistance and support

Furniture is our passion!

We have been passionate about carrying remarkable furniture of high quality furniture that combine elegant, contemporary designs with premium comfort!