Rapsody Reclining Chair

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Temptingly cosy

With the new RAPSODY, designer Jean-Pierre Audebert brings a contemporary cocoon version of the classic JORI reclining chair. The latest creation meets all expectations of the current reclining chair fanatic. Delightfully “fluffy” it looks temptingly cosy : as a comfortable shell, ideal for a comfortable rest after a hard day or for a power-nap. The soft pleats of the inner covering, finished in quality leather or fabric, contribute to the wellness factor of this enveloping reclining chair. Innovative as well is the manually sewed ornamental seam in the back part, a masterly example of JORI craftsmanship. With it’s sober, modern look, the RAPSODY reclining chair integrates itself effortlessly into any style or interior.

Dimension :

Origin : Belgium

Brand : Jori