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Model No.: 1136-III

An extensible dining table made of glass with two swivelling leaves under the main plate. The table can be opened with effortless ease. The rotation of the two leaves is covering 90°. The table top is available in oval or rectangular shape. Without extension the top has a soft-square shape. The base is made of a steel tube chrome polished on a cast base black, a baseplate of glass or a round or soft-square base plate of steel with a polished chrome finish.

Dimension : (cm)

soft square shape / oval

110 x 110 x height 73 cm, extended 110 x 200 x height 73 cm

square shape / rectangular

110 x 113 x height 73 cm, extended 110 x 197 x height 73 cm

110 x 110 x height approx. 75 cm non-extending

Origin : Germany

Brand : Draenert