3 Ergonomic Office Furniture To Have In Your Office

The majority of the current workforce in Malaysia is spending at least 6 hours a day working at their desk. Hence, it is crucial for many companies to invest in quality ergonomic furniture for their offices.

Ergonomic office furniture stands out from the other furniture as it is specially designed to support and maintain good body posture, saving you from various health conditions due to inappropriate body positioning over a prolonged period.

With this in mind, let’s look at the three Ergonomic Office Furniture you must have in your office to create a safe and healthy working environment for yourself and your employees.

Ergonomic Chair and Sofa

Office Chair Causing Back Pain

Inarguably, chairs and sofas are the two most essential pieces of furniture in an office space. The reason being – it’s where you and your employees spend most of your time for work!

However, sitting for long hours in improper posture is often one of the causes of recurrent back and neck pain. It also causes leg numbness and swelling as bad postures hinder regular blood flow throughout the body. A bad posture while sitting can overstretch the ligaments in the spine, causing damage to the spinal discs.

Here’s where the ergonomic chair and sofa come in. These pieces of office furniture are specially designed to encourage proper sitting posture, eliminating most, if not all, health issues related to nerves and muscles caused by prolonged sitting.

Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Mesh chairs offer good ergonomic support for those who work around the clock and protect them from lower back injuries. The key feature that sets the mesh chair apart from the rest of the ergonomic chairs is the nature of the mesh material. The design and material of the mesh chair allows airflow through the backrest throughout the sitting period to maintain your body temperature.

Here are other key features of a mesh chair you should look out for:


The backrest of mesh chairs usually comes in three heights, namely, the low-back, the mid-back, and the high-back, and each measurement carries its function; hence, you must be sure of the purpose and the motive of your desired mesh chair for your office space.


Adjustability is a significant feature of an office chair, as people come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone deserves to have a chair that accommodates their maximum comfort. Generally, the parts that must be adjustable are the backrest, the height of the seats, and the armrests, as these are the areas that determine the quality of support the chair can provide.

Weight Endurance

According to the model, mesh chairs have varying limits on the maximum weight they can carry. So, if you’re investing in your employees, we suggest that it is better to know the average weight of your employees before making the purchase, as you do not want any incidents of falling to happen in your office.

Ergonomic Sofa

It is a common understanding that sofas are for relief and relaxation. That is why you may feel that it is okay to slouch as this puts you in the most comfortable position after a long day of work. But be cautious – you do not want the temporary comfort now to cause you permanent damage and pain in the future.

Hence, it would help to distinguish regular sofas from sofas that will benefit you in the long run. Here are the 4 factors that you should consider when selecting an ergonomic sofa:

The depth of the seat

The depth of the seat has to be suitable to ensure there is no undue pressure on your knees when you’re in a sitting position. To encourage good posture, the depth of your seat lets you position your legs at 90 degrees and for your hips to be aligned. This will encourage good sitting posture.

The Height of the Backrest

The height of the backrest determines the pressure on your back when you are sitting. Picking a sofa with the right backrest height will provide sufficient support to your back, head and neck.

The Position Of The Armrest


Are you one of those who loves taking short naps on the armrest while watching movies and always wake up with headaches or neck pain? If so, you would have to consider an ergonomic sofa, as it has armrests at ideal heights – they make comfy pillows for you and will balance your neck and head. Armrests matter as the ones that are too high or the hard ones will lead to an unbalanced body posture, causing you to feel worn out.

Ergonomic Desk

An ergonomic desk enhances the workstation set-up, increases comfort, and reduces the risk of injury as it prevents you from working at uncomfortable angles and postures.

What makes a desk ergonomic?

Set the desk at the right height.

The desk’s height should be adjustable and set to the proper height to cater for everyone’s comfort. When you set the desk at the right height, you will be able to sit with your feet placed flat on the floor and have sufficient space to cross your legs. The angle between your upper arms and your forearms would be around 90 to 100, rested comfortably on the desk.

Place the monitor, keyboard, and mouse correctly.

To avoid strains to your eyes, neck, and shoulder, the monitor should be placed about 20 inches away from you or set at your arms’ length.

The mouse should not prevent your arms from remaining at 90 degrees angle, and the keyboard should be below your elbow, either flat on the desk or at a slight slope away. Use a keyboard tray for easy adjustment of the keyboard height.

Wrist rests come in handy to support wrists while you’re typing or using the mouse. It prevents hand injuries due to resting at improper angles.

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