6 Health Benefits Of Using An Ergonomic Chair

 Comfortable Ergonomic Chair

Experiencing mild pain in your lower back lately? If you’re the type of person who spends long hours at the desk, working or playing games on your computer, it makes sense to be concerned. While there are still many who believe it is normal to have mild strains at the back or at the neck especially at the end of a long day at work, that really isn’t the case at all.

Of course, the common solution for your problem would be to ‘fix your posture’, but that can take way too much effort. This is where ergonomic chairs come in, as they’re specially-designed to provide support for your sitting posture.

Why is it important to support your posture? Unsupported postures disperse the pressure of your body weight on your spine irregularly, leading to weakened lower back tissues. As a result, all other parts of your back – from muscles, discs to joints – will be strained beyond tolerable level. This is when you start experiencing pain in your lower back.

As Malaysia gradually adapts to the ‘new norm’ and settles back into the 8 to 5 routine, it is crucial that we prioritise our health and safety, regardless of whether we are working from home or at the office. How does an ergonomic chair play a role in ensuring overall wellness? Read on to find out!

Increased Productivity Level

An ergonomic chair helps to boost your productivity level, simply by supporting your posture. Poor posture and slouching are most often linked to relaxed and comfortable seating positions, but these are not healthy for the muscles, tissues, and the network of veins in your body.

Also, when you’re slouched, this makes it difficult for you to focus as it will put your body in ‘laid-back mode’ (especially after a delicious Nasi Kandar) causing you to be less productive. An ergonomic chair will allow you to maintain an upright seating position, leaving you feeling inspired, motivated, and focused on the task before you.


An article by the BMC Public Health claims that low backache is one of the most common musculoskeletal problems faced by employees. It leads to disability, poor work quality, bad quality of life, and absences from work. Therefore, it’s safe to say that investing in a quality ergonomic chair will benefit you in the long run, in terms of saving you from all those medical bills due to work injuries. Not only do ergonomics support your posture, but they also reduce stress on your neck, shoulders, wrists, and elbows. This, in return, prevents permanent or severe musculoskeletal complications.

Creates A Healthy Working Environment

Experts say that a healthy working space is comprised of a good ergonomic chair, and practicing proper sitting posture. These factors play a key role in ensuring your working space is perfectly set up for high productivity and is safe from strain injuries. Hence, a good ergonomic chair contributes greatly to creating a safe space, be it for work purposes or to indulge in that computer game for hours.

Improves Blood Circulations

Unknown to many, positioning your legs at a 90-degree angle gives way to regular and proper blood circulation in the lower limbs of your body. Due to heavy traffic congestion, we are already badly affected in terms of postural defects by having to spend long hours traveling to and from work – either by driving, riding, or commuting.

At least, during the hours you get to sit for work, an ergonomic chair will ensure proper blood circulation in your lower limbs as it allows your legs to be structured perfectly at a 90-degree– bid farewell to leg numbness and swellings!

Sitting Posture With Ergonomic Chair

Hip & Back Pressure Relief

A good ergonomic chair is built with sufficient padding to reduce the stress exerted on your hips by your body weight. Also, with maximised support for your back from an ergonomic chair and an ensured good posture, your back is sure to be relieved of the pressure and is saved from being strained when you sit for long hours.

Wagner Alumedic Intergrated Dondola Seat Back Joint For Blood Circulation

Increased Comfort

Comfort and good health are often perceived as a pair difficult to achieve. Most often, many may be grumbling away about how one must let go of the state of feeling comfortable to achieve good health. However, that’s the complete opposite when we’re talking about ergonomic chairs. The best ergonomic chairs are those that are able to provide its user with both comfort and protection, as we say – Life may begin at the end of your comfort zone, but with good ergonomic chairs, life only begins when you’re in a comfort zone!

Medical Survey Of University Of Regensburg On Ergonomic Chair

Make The Swap For Better Health Today!

Investing in good ergonomic chairs is highly beneficial – let it be for the employer or the employee, or even for parents who’re looking for safe chairs for their children. The one great lesson that the pandemic has taught all of us is that “Health Comes First”. It is gratifying to learn that many people are now shifting to a healthier living approach, and opting to choose the best ergonomic chairs for working space or gaming purposes is definitely a step toward the mightier direction.

If you’re one of those, there is an extensive range of ergonomic chairs to pick at Chesters Collection with specialists who will recommend you the perfect chair to ensure that your comfort is the utmost priority. To find out, contact us or speak to an advisor at +603-22838322.