Ergonomic vs Orthopaedic Chair: Understanding the Difference

Ergonomic Chair In Malaysia

When choosing a chair for your office or study desk that promotes productivity and better health, you may be surprise to discover you have two types of chairs to look for: ergonomic and orthopaedic chairs. As many people get these two mixed up, it’s important to understand the difference between ergonomic and orthopaedic chairs.

Though both chairs offer multiple benefits, they also have their unique characteristics that should be considered when making a purchase. This article will explain the main differences and what you should consider when getting an orthopaedic or ergonomic chair in Malaysia.

What is an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair is specifically designed to improve the comfort and health of its users. Scientific findings claim that many common injuries, such as lower back pain, neck pain, fatigue, and shoulder pain, are often caused by improper seating postures.

An ergonomic chair helps reduce or avoid pain, tension, and fatigue in your neck, shoulders, back, and other body areas. It promotes good sitting posture, as they come with several adjustments that can be customised to fit each individual’s needs to encourage healthy sitting habits.

These adjustments include:

  • Variable height seating with lumbar support
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Tilt-and-swivel seat
  • Multi-position headrest


An ergonomic chair improves your concentration by reducing muscle tension throughout your body. In addition to these physical benefits, using an ergonomic chair can also reduce mental fatigue and stress caused by working at your desk all day.

So, not only does it improve your health physically but mentally as well.

Who should get an ergonomic chair?

If you’re feeling pain in your back, neck, and shoulder due to prolonged sitting at your desk for work or while studying, it’s time to get an ergonomic chair. An ergonomic chair can help improve your overall productivity by reducing the strain you feel on your body.

What to consider when purchasing an ergonomic chair?

The most important factor is fit – ensure you get an ergonomic chair with a design that complements your body size and weight.

Other main features to consider when purchasing an ergonomic chair include the following:

  • Height adjustability
  • Lumbar support
  • Headrests
  • Padded arms and seat
  • Casters/swivel wheels for mobility


There are a variety of ergonomic chairs you can consider for your office or study room. Suppose you’re looking for quality ergonomic chairs in Malaysia, checkout Topstar’s collection at Chesters Collection today. Topstar has one of the most advanced manufacturing plants for ergonomic chairs worldwide. It continuously develops new and highly innovative healthy seatings that are subject to severe quality tests before they finally hit the market, which is why Topstar’s ergonomic chairs are known for their lasting quality and comfort.

What is an orthopaedic chair?

Orthopaedic chairs have all of the ergonomic chair design features listed above, along with added special features that focus on alleviating your back pain and providing extra protection to prevent you from suffering from orthopaedic issues in the long run.

Here are some of the critical features of top-notch orthopaedic chairs that are proven to be effective:

  • Offers three-dimensional movement
  • Seat depth and angle adjustment
  • Tension adjustment on the side and lockable in two positions
  • Seat tilting function
  • Height-adjustable lumbar support
  • Backrest with breathable mesh cover
  • Height adjustable headrest


Prestigious brands like Wagner have produced a series of orthopaedic chairs that are medically proven to reduce back pain. The Wagner’s Alumedic series is a collection of high-quality orthopaedic chairs that are adapted to the needs and demands of the twenty-first century. This series of chairs are made of the finest materials and provides optimal support for all-day comfort and lumbar health, which sets it apart from all other ordinary office chairs in Malaysia.

Who should get an orthopaedic chair?

Orthopaedic chairs can help to improve the quality of life for people who suffer from various orthopaedic conditions, including chronic pain in bones, muscles, joints, nerves, tendons and ligaments.

Suppose you’re suffering from orthopaedic issues or other ailments related to your body’s connective system. In that case, orthopaedic chairs allow you to sit longer without feeling uncomfortable or restricted, leading to greater productivity and improved mobility.

If you’re looking for a chair that is innovatively developed using the latest technology and modern concept, check out Wagner’s impressive collection of orthopaedic chairs at Chesters Collection today.

Choosing the right one for you: Ergonomic chair or Orthopaedic chair?

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The first question to answer before purchasing an ergonomic or orthopaedic chair is whether you have any medical conditions, specifically ones that are related to musculoskeletal or orthopaedic issues. If yes, then an orthopaedic chair is most likely the better option for you. Otherwise, you can choose between either chair, as they both function to protect your health and increase productivity.

If you’re still unsure of a suitable choice of chair for you, visit Chesters Collection and check out a wide range of options – from the best quality orthopaedic office chairs to ergonomic office chairs in Malaysia, you’re sure to find the perfect chair that meets your individual health and comfort needs.