Everything To Know About W. Schillig Sofas

Creating an elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious home interior is every Malaysian’s dream. From the curtains to the flooring, to the farthest the eyes can see, every object at home would be a masterpiece the homeowner chooses with so much love and passion. However, when it comes to sofas, does a stylish and sophisticated appearance surely imply a relaxed and comfortable feel?

Lounging on the sofa for movies, gathering with family and friends, and simply enjoying leisure time in your living room are recreational activities that create heart-warming, long-lasting memories. Therefore, your choice of sofa should be able to grant you that holistic feeling you’re yearning for, but how would you know which sofa would be the best one for your dream home?


Family Chilling On The Sofa

Choosing A Sofa – What To Look For?

A sofa is a massive investment. You want to ensure you invest in the right one that can provide the ultimate comfort for the best price. Of course, appearance adds value, but quality goes deeper than that. The quality of a sofa is determined by what it’s made of, and the price follows.

The following three elements work in tandem to influence the level of comfort your sofa can offer and its ability to maintain its shape and stability for years to come:

The Frame

The frame largely determines the endurance of your sofa and its ability to retain its shape for long periods. A sofa of high quality comes with a sturdy and robust frame.

Out of the many options available for the frame’s material, like steel, metal and laminated boards, the best frames are made of kiln-dried hardwood. The process of drying the kiln eliminates all moisture from the wood, allowing it to maintain its shape and stability for years. The joints receive extra care – they’re usually doweled, screwed, and glued. In some cases, plywood is added as reinforcements for the frames.

Beware of sofas with frames made of green wood, knotted wood, or softwood, as these give way to easy cracking and breaking.

The Seats

The seats are essential components in deciding the quality of a sofa. It works hand in hand with the frame and cushion filling – a solid frame to anchor a good seat while the cushion filling escalates the whole effort – to create the holistic feeling you look for in the best sofas.

Therefore, test the quality of the seats by sitting on them before making your purchase. Make sure the seat does not sag and provides you with good support at your bottom and back.

The Cushion Filling

Again, it’s what on the inside that matters the most. Now that you have learned of the first two elements that determine the quality of a sofa, let’s look at the last one – the type of filling you should opt for the cushions.

High-density polyurethane is commonly used as cushion fillings. The density determines the firmness of the cushion – the higher, the better, and the same applies to the foam. Foams of lower density can breakdown easily and quickly, leading to sagging cushions and loosening fabrics.

Quality Sofas In Malaysia


All in all, quality means expensive, but investing in sofas of the best quality grants you a rewarding satisfaction that can last for a long time. With years of experience in this industry, you can never go wrong with W.Schillig’s handcrafted sofa, where comfort meets fashion. Read on to learn why W. Schillig has our vote of confidence.

About W. Schillig Sofa

Established in 1949 as basketry in Germany, W. Schillig has worked its way to the top and earned its position as one of Europe’s leading upholstery manufacturers today. For over 60 years, W. Schillig has been devoted to continuing its legacy of producing leather upholstery of the finest quality that pledges style and comfort.

To produce versatile and sustainable furniture, W. Schillig selects only raw materials of the highest quality after an intensive and thorough selection process. Its furniture is unique, and every piece promises you a holistically enhanced lifestyle.

Best W. Schillig Sofas To Look For

At W. Schillig, their sofas are one of a kind due to their unique natural features, and they’ve got an impressive line of leather collections comprised of various types and colours – that gives you around 150 sofa options to choose from. Plus, there is also a broad range of fabrics to meet the latest trend.

These are some highly-preferred sofas from W. Schillig that you can consider for your home.


If you’re an individualist, Alexx would be your dream sofa as:

  • you get to choose the seats to your comfort and set it to your preferred height as it comes with various seat comforts and height
  • it gives you the chance to determine your sofa’s appearance where you can even choose your favourite sofa arm
  • has an extensive type plan that offers you countless planning choices due to the various depths of the seat


Sally is a compact and alluring sofa that offers the following advantages:

  • design-oriented with a gushing sofa arm creation
  • the seats are super-comfortable
  • elegant and radiant tuck on the sofa arm
  • slender edges
  • eligible in various metal colours


Perfect for family time, Bonnie comes with:

  • a cuddly corner, a standout feature among the other sofas
  • an integrated adjustment of the seat depth
  • a tuck on the outer edge of the cushions
  • adjustable side panels


Finn is perfect for a refreshing nap and combines stylish art deco with functional refinement. It comes with these impressive properties:

  • flexible adjustment options and they’re robust and durable
  • has folding headrests
  • can be fitted with a motor-drive extension to transform the seat into a lying surface


This model is one you will never want to leave, and here’s why – from a comfortable-upright position to a relaxed and chilled one, you can adjust the depth of the seat with just a push, and it has a lot more functional adjustments!

Why Choose W. Schillig Sofa

W. Schillig engineers its sofas to provide long-lasting and consistent comfort. The designers work alongside frame engineers and upholstery experts to create fashionable and comfortable pieces – the goal is to produce furniture of exceptional quality at an exceptional value.

Premium Furniture Quality

Hardwood Fram

Frames of W. Schillig sofas are made of dried, kiln hardwood and 3/4″ plywood of top-grade. These are glued and dowelled together to enhance the stability and durability of the sofa.

Spring Coils

The spring coils of the seats comprise steel coils for unwavering and enduring comfort. Plus, the coils are intertwined in high-density foam for additional comfort.


Cushions are made with foam of high density. There’s also the option of Dacron, a synthetic support of high quality, is attached to the quilted back cushion to ensure cosy and soft seating and give a casual and modern look.

Leather & Fabric

W. Schillig’s leathers offer a luxurious seating surface as only the best grain cowhide leather of the top 4% are handpicked for their sofas. As for the fabrics, W. Schillig works with the finest mills to produce fabrics of premium quality.

Elastic Webbing

This element plays the role of additional suspension in the backrest and gives enduring flexible support for your body.

No-Sag Suspension

This feature is incorporated into the sofas to allow permanent, ergonomic support.

WSchillig Sofas In Malaysia

At the end of the day, you want to be connected to a brand that understands and delivers values close to your heart and home, which is exactly what W. Schillig is all about. That is why so much effort goes into ensuring the furniture they produce is of the finest quality and meets every customer’s satisfaction, ensuring the pieces are worth the monetary value.

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