Exude Elegance With An Extendable Dining Table Using Unique Marble Pieces

dining room with marble dining table

Do you like inviting family and friends to your house on the weekends? If so, having the right dining table to fit your guests and be aesthetically pleasing is crucial. After all, you’ll be there for hours. The material that has stood the test of time is a marble.

While marble dining tables often are less expandable than wood tables, they can now fit all your guests in one table, with brands such as Draenert, a German furniture manufacturer specialising in high-end luxury pieces. Before that, let’s examine the benefits of a marble dining table.

The benefits of a marble dining table

Marble tables have existed for a long time for a reason. They’re proven to be beneficial. Here are three reasons a marble dining table can be right for you.

Add a level of elegance to your dining area

Marble has been a symbol of luxury and sophistication for centuries, becoming the go-to material for everything from ancient Greek and Roman sculptures to modern-day furniture. As time passes, marble has not only graced the kitchens or dining rooms of royalty but has also become accessible to the everyday Joe who is looking to class up their decor.

Marble comes with veining patterns and a range of colours created by the minerals in the stone during its formation, giving it a unique appearance that any other stone cannot replicate.

Can withstand high temperatures

Like to bake or deal with hot cookware and dishes? Marble remains an ideal choice for your countertops and dining table. As a natural stone, marble can function as a good conductor of heat, meaning it’s slow to absorb heat. This makes marble tables less prone to cracks, ensuring their value for long-lasting use.

However, it’s important to remember that marble is not heat-proof. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat can result in discolouration or cracks. Therefore, it’s advisable to use trivets or hot pads to protect the surface.


As stated above, marble has existed for a long time, proving its durability, especially when cared for properly. While you may need to pay a little extra upfront, its beauty can last a lifetime, making it a worthwhile investment.

Now that you know the advantages of having a marble dining table in your home, you may be wondering which marble dining table should you get, especially if you want a marble dining table that adapts to your needs while remaining elegant in nature. This is where Draenert marble tables shine the most.

Introducing Draenert

Founded in 1968 by Karin and Dr. Peter Draenert, they produce a wide range of furniture, including dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, sofas, and lighting fixtures. One of Draenert’s signature products is the “Stone Collection,” which features dining tables and coffee tables made from various natural stones such as marble, granite, and onyx.

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Why choose Draenert

Draenert has created various dining tables and furniture for customers in over 80 countries since its inception. Here are three reasons why you should, too:

They create customisable pieces

Want a unique finding table that only you own? Draenert understands that every furniture piece and home decor reflects its owner, and dining tables are no exception. They can help you design and build your ideal table based on size, shape, and materials that accommodate your needs.

They create pieces with functionality and style in mind

Draenert‘s designers and artisans not only think of looks when creating a dining table, but they also put functionality first and foremost. Most of their pieces have a patented extension or pull-out capability, making them ideal for people like you who often entertain guests with limited space. Moreover, it comes with a lifting capability, enabling you to adjust the table’s height to suit your needs.

They create lasting pieces

When you buy a Draenert dining table, you can be sure it’s made with exceptional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Creating a unique and durable marble dining table just for you from a stoneworking department with years of experience.

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How do you choose the right Draenert marble dining table and countertops?

Purchasing the right marble dining table can be daunting, as it functions not only as a centrepiece but also as a place to create memories. Here are three tips on choosing the right one for your home:


How many people will be using the table regularly? Understandably, the more people in the household, the bigger the table. Therefore, measure the space where you’ll put the table so it will fit and accommodate everyone comfortably.


The shape of the table is closely linked with the size of the table itself. If you live in a multi-generational household or you love entertaining, consider a rectangular-shaped marble dining table with a larger space to fit it in. But, if your space is limited and you only live with your spouse and two kids, a round table should suffice.


Marble comes in various colours, from classic white and grey to green and red. Consider the colour scheme of your kitchen and pick a colour that compliments it.

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