How Ergonomic Chairs Reduce Back Pain And Provide Other Health Benefits


Unlike other chairs, ergonomic chairs are made with various features that will provide you with all the support your body needs while sitting down, especially for an extended period. Research has shown that the human body was not created to sit still for extended hours in a day. However, with the current lifestyle of society where our jobs require us to be at our desk all day, the least we can do to prevent health complications is to invest in a good ergonomic chair.

Let’s look at how ergonomic chairs can help reduce back pains and how beneficial they are to our health.

Ergonomic Chair for Back Pain

A good ergonomic chair will be able to provide you with all the support that your body needs and ensure that you are always sitting in the proper posture. Sitting on a regular chair to work for an extended period will cause you to lean forward and slouch. This will cause the spinal ligaments to overstretch and strain the discs and surrounding structures in the spine, which leads to back pain or worsening an existing back problem.

With an ergonomic chair, the lumbar support and backrest will be able to support the natural curvature of your spine, which will help reduce and prevent back pains.

Other Benefits of Ergonomic Chair

Besides relieving or reducing back pain, there are also various benefits that an ergonomic chair provides, such as:

Improve Blood Circulation

Sitting in an improper position for too long will affect your blood from circulating naturally, leading to numbness in the legs or causing your legs to swell. Medical attention will be needed depending on the severity of the issue.

By sitting on an ergonomic chair, your legs will always be positioned at a 90-degree angle, which is recommended to promote proper blood circulation and reduce the risk of a blood clot.

Support Body Posture

There are various ways to ensure that your body posture is being supported in the proper position, such as:

  • the height of the chair
  • the angle of the backrest
  • a proper lumbar support
  • appropriate height of the armrests

With these features, you will be forced to sit in a good posture and alleviate any aggravation in your spine.

Reduces Neck Pain and Hip Pressure

An ergonomic chair with armrests will reduce the strain on your shoulders and neck when it is adjusted to the appropriate height for your body, thus allowing your arms to rest in a natural position.

Besides that, with sufficient padding on the ergonomic chair, the pressure on your hips will be reduced. When you are in a sitting position, your hips are bearing the stress of your body weight by holding it down. Hence, an ergonomic chair can provide a suitable seat depth to support the hips.

Increase Productivity

Employee productivity increases when done in a safe and comfortable environment. Which is why it is crucial to invest in a quality ergonomic chair to ensure long-term productivity. Here are a few ways how an ergonomic chair will help in this area.

Boost focus at work

When you are sitting in the correct position with the proper posture, you will not be distracted by any sense of discomfort caused by back pain, or even tenseness is the shoulder and neck.

Besides that, if you are working in an environment with no air conditioning, you must look for ergonomic mesh office chairs. With the Malaysian weather, a leather or cloth ergonomic chair can make you feel sweaty or sticky, which will defeat the chair’s purpose of increasing your comfort level and enhance your focus at work.

Increases engagement

Your comfort level affects your mood; hence, if you’re in a comfortable position despite working for long hours, you will be more approachable by the people around you. Being in a bad mood, such as feeling irritable or tense, can create conflict and affect your productivity.

Increases work quality

Being comfortable while working will boost your work quality as you will not be distracted by your discomfort and, in turn, be inspired. When you are inspired at work, you can produce good quality results and your efficiency increases as well.

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