How To Choose The Best Visitor Chair For Your Office

Do you have many clients or visitors coming to your office that you want to impress? While visual style is definitely a great first impression, it helps even more if your clients feel comfortable whether during a meeting or even just waiting for you at the lounge.

It’s important to consider the right visitor chair as it plays a key role in maintaining work efficacy and incorporating professionalism into your office space. Remember, you only get one chance to create a first good impression, and you want to create an inviting environment for your clients.

The type of furniture you choose for your stakeholders conveys a message to them about your priorities and the choices your business makes. Not to mention, your visitors start making mental notes about your company from the moment they step into your office space. Therefore, it is crucial that you furnish your office with comfortable visitor chairs.

Read on to learn the techniques to pick good visitor chairs for your office.

3 Elements That Make A Good Visitor Chair

The chair is an important piece of furniture as it provides relief, comfort and relaxation for the body. To ensure your visitors reap the maximum benefit, consider having office visitor chairs that have the following three elements:

Back Support

A good visitor chair supports good seating posture – it lets the spine rest and the visitor lean comfortably on the chair. It also offers good support for the lower back, maintains good body posture, and avoids strains to the hips, which may cause pain in the back over a prolonged sitting period.

A good visitor chair keeps your visitors in a balanced position and helps them to get through their visit to your office focused, complaint-free, and comfortable, regardless of the duration of their wait or meeting.

Cosy Seat

The seat of a good visitor chair should not be too hard, too small, or have a shape that does not accommodate a comfortable seating position. According to experts, sitting on hard surfaces for a prolonged period affects the sit bones (the bones that are located on each side of your backside). Sitting on hard surfaces exerts high pressure on the bones and muscles of the lower body, which will lead to the visitors shifting uncomfortably on the chair throughout their visit. What happens when the clients feel uneasy? They lose focus and interest and would not be eager to return to your office for a second visit.


Unknown to many, the armrest is a significant feature of a chair that many tend to undermine. The armrest supports the arms and hands. It allows the arms and hands to be relaxed, which eases muscle tension that arises when the upper limbs are not properly positioned while sitting.

It also carries off some stress from the shoulders and neck – common stressed or painful areas for office executives, while helping to maintain good posture. As a bonus point, with the armrest, the visitor could get up from the chair quicker and with more ease, as it reduces the hip forces one needs to stand up in half!

3 Factors To Consider When Buying A Visitor Chair

Now you know there is more than what meets the eye. It is not always about the appearance but also how it makes you feel, especially when it comes to furniture. Let’s look at the factors to consider for good visitor chairs.

Your Visitors’ Comfort

This should be the ultimate factor when deciding on the perfect chair for your visitors. Of course, we understand your yearning to create an office space filled with designer, sleek furniture collections. However, appearance and comfort must go hand in hand. Opt for visitor chairs that provide sturdy vertebral support, have padded or cushioned seats, and come with armrests – you can never go wrong with these preferences for a chair to maximise your office visitors’ comfort. Remember, the visitor chairs in your office influence your clients’ inclination to return for a second visit.

Easy Maintenance

With businesses now adapting to the endemic, it is vital that you keep up and fill your office with furniture that is easy to clean and sanitise. The visitors’ chairs in your office must be made of materials that can be easily and frequently cleaned since they’re shared by multiple clients who visit your office, every day – better safe than sorry.



Mobility is a factor that most business owners overlook when purchasing visitor chairs for their offices. To help you determine the level of mobility for the visitor’s chair you should purchase for your office, here are some key questions to consider:

  • Do you require your visitors to turn or move around the room during presentations or meeting sessions?
  • Do you have adequate space in your office?
  • What type of floor surface do you have in your office? Wood flooring or heavily carpeted floors?

These questions will allow you to choose a suitable level of mobility or, if it’s needed at all for chairs for your visitors – get furniture that caters to your unique office needs.

Quality Visitor Chairs

With a wide range of visitor chairs available in the market currently, the next question to ask is: are they all of quality that meets the value you’re paying?

The value of the chairs are dependent on the material and the quality of the chair, so be sure that if you’re paying a good price, you’re getting a good quality chair.

Business owners are willing to invest in items that are ‘good for the eye’, especially as it elevates their brands’ image, regardless of the quality or comfort. But it’s important to know the value a comfortable and lasting visitor chair adds to the brand of the business.

The key is to know your clients. Here are a few pointers to take into account for purchasing enduring visitor chairs for your office:

  • What is the average body size of your clients?
  • How often do they visit your office, and how long do they stay during the visits?
  • What is the purpose of their visit, and what is the nature of their meeting sessions?
  • How many of your clients visit your office at once?

With these questions, you can determine the suitable size, the quality and sturdiness, the level of adjustability and mobility, and the approximate number of visitor chairs you need to purchase for your office, respectively. You can then decide if the value of the visitor chairs you’ve picked meet the expected durability and comfort.

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Comfortable visitor chairs avoid an agitating experience for your stakeholders, and it conveys a message that your business is concerned about its clients’ comfort and satisfaction. A good visiting experience might also escalate your clients’ interest in working with your company – why miss out on the possibility?

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