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Alumedic 20

The office chair AluMedic® 20 is the best proof that a healthy design and sporty look can work together in brilliant harmony. With this design, Wagner has created a visually enticing office chair that reveals its true health benefits once you have taken a seat.  The highlight of the AluMedic® 20 is its fully upholstered seat and backrest with fabric or leather and patented Dondola® joint used on the backrest to provide dynamic seating that keeps your back muscles lightly active and healthy. No more aches and pains from sitting stationary at the end of a long workday! Elevate your well-being through this totally new sitting experience. To ensure maximum seating comfort, the AluMedic® 20 has completely adjustable seating pad, backrest, lumbar support, and armrests, and can be easily reconfigured to fit any body type

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