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Alumedic Limited

With the Alumedic® Limited, Wagner brings together high-performance hardware and the best in seating comfort to create a luxurious chair with a sporty side. Handsewn leather on the armrests, headrest and seat pad create a refined look while the breathable mesh backrest lends this chair a sporty touch. Together with hand-polished aluminum, this chair answers to the highest standards.

Besides its superb design, the Alumedic® Limited offers relief and prevention from pains that can occur from sitting for extended periods of time. This is achieved using our patented Dondola® seat joints which are found in the seat and backrest. These keep the back fit and vital so you can enjoy a sense of wellbeing during your well deserved time after work.

The AluMedic® Limited achieves the highest sense of comfort through its foam padding and soft armrests. The breathable backrest keeps your back cool and dry even on the hottest days. The headrest is adjustable in both height and pitch. Even quick breaks become a new experience and will leave you invigorated for the rest of your workday

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