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Titan Limited

Pure luxury – for your office! The Titan® Limited from Wagner is a prestigious and above all, healthy piece of designer chair that will bring comfort to your every workday. We’ve achieved the highest level of comfort through the use of our patented Dondola® seat joint. It works like an exercise ball to keep your back muscles active while sitting, which effectively prevents back pains that can accumulate after sitting in the same position for hours.

The comfort of this chair is furthered by a height adjustable and oscillating headrest with an elastic and breathable mesh covering. The upholstery on the backrest is based on a breathable and flexible mesh that is trimmed with the finest hand-stitched leather. For further comfort, we’ve incorporated a manual seat-depth adjustment as well as armrests that are adjustable in both width and height. A special deep springing action elevates this chair to a first-class level. This appealing design is finished off with a matte chromed aluminum base.

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  • Aluminium pedestal , matte
  • Aluminium components chrome plated
  • Consuming quilted back rest in a leather leather-net combination
  • Dondola® Seat mechanism
  • Ergonomically shaped comfort seat
  • Height, width and depth adjustable armrests “TITAN”, arm pads in matching upholstered leather
  • Head rest with breathing mesh fabric, height adjustable with swivel bearings
  • Point syncron mechanism with integrated seat depth adjustment, lateral spring force adjustment via a twist handle (from approx. 40 kg – 110 kg)
  • Backrest with breathable mesh and padded sides in fine leather
  • Seat depth adjustment

Additional Information


  • Seat height: 42 – 53 cm
  • Seath width: 46 cm
  • Seat depth: 44 cm
  • Backrest height: 62 cm
  • Headrest: 20 cm
  • Total height: 127 – 143 cm
  • Weight: from 19 kg