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Corda Armchair

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  • Corda Armchair 162.11
  • Dimensions: L 59 cm / H 83 cm / P 57 cm
  • Brand : Tonon
  • Designer : Cuno Frommherz


Additional Information

  • A product designed for outdoor use, but also suitable for indoor use.
  • The structures of the collection are produced in steel, powder coated: this technique, in addition to aesthetics, helps to preserve the structure from corrosion and chemical processes due to the climate. The powder paint is free of solvents and does not release volatile organic compounds (VOC), plus it complies with EN 71-3: we use the best technologies available while respecting the environment. The nautical rope is a synthetic fiber with an internal PET core with an external polyester coating. The High Tenacity polyester used for our seats guarantees excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, to abrasions and traction.