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Moon Soft Touch

Moon by Mac Stopa for Tonon expresses the designer’s passion for organic curved lines.‎ The sculptural shape of the Moon chair is based on semicircular forms calling to mind the phases of the Moon.‎ The sides of the seat of the chair extend into the armrests, forming a flexible suspended backrest that adjusts itself to the position of the body ensuring maximum comfort.‎ The chair’s organically-shaped shell is made of a self-supporting frame injected with integral “soft touch” foam.‎ The flexible foam geometry contours the body and gives a pleasant sensation of softness for added comfort.‎

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  • Moon Soft Touch 908
  • Dimensions: L 61 cm / H 86 cm / P 57 cm
  • Brand : Tonon
  • Designer : Mac Stopa


Additional Information

  • Integral polyurethane shell available in 15 colors.
  • Weight: 8 kg